GREY STATE   operates  a  virtual  space exhibiting the works of early-career and emerging international artists. We develop educational resources and plan to organize workshops and digital residencies, all of which will be available for free to the public. By fostering community and providing representation, we support underrepresented artists advance their careers and better engage their audiences. Grey State works for and with people who may face financial struggles and legal complexities within a predatory and impersonal art market. We hope to engage creators in a meaningful dialogue and spark collaboration across all borders.


Art is an effective vehicle for collective imagination and change.

Art is an integral fabric to the project of weaving healthy, dynamic, and just communities.

National, legal, and financial barriers should not prevent people from pursuing their passions, artistic or otherwise.


Art making exists beyond borders and is accessible world-wide.

International emerging artists share the same resources and opportunities afforded to US citizens.

Art is open to the general public, regardless of location, nationality, and wealth


sulay ranjit
b. kathmandu, nepal
creative director

Known as sulaya (सुलय), Sulay is an interdisciplinary artist interested in interrogating issues of consciousness, identity, and power through a critical practice that entails painting, sculpture, photography, installation, social media, and sound. More recently, Sulay has been invested in exploring the politics of attention and the liminal experiences of diasporic bodies in space.

“Through GREY STATE, I hope to employ the virtual realm as a space to engage artists and foster a community conducive to supporting those that are often underserved.”

simon keefer
b. new york, united states
administrative director
Simon doesn’t make art, but he believes that art has a unique ability to express humanity; he sees no higher human activity than the creation of art. He believes that art has the potential to shape the world while expressing something perfectly unique.

“My intention with my involvement in GREY STATE is to support even a small group of artists as they encounter the treacherous and alienating market/world of fine art.”

masha morgunova
b. saint-petersburg, russia
art director

Masha is a multimedia artist working with painting, sculptural installations, and polaroid photography. In her recent projects, she is exploring how being exposed to the suffering of the world can shape our individual and collective state of being human.

“I hope that our initiative sparks a sense of comradery and initiates a cultural exchange between artists and art admirers alike.”